Tim Draper

My Personal Site using ASP.NET 2.0

Welcome to my site

Welcome to my personal website. I've decided the old layout just had to go. I hope you'll find the new layout easier on the eyes, and easier to use. If you don't think it's easier on the eyes, please turn the color knob back to "normal" 0_o

I'm also taking the opportunity to delve more deeply into Microsoft's dynamic web technology (ASP 2.0), which is what this new site is based on (vs. the old ASP 1.0/1.1)

The basic layout's from a semi-canned template, but I've modified the stylesheet for layout purposes, and the main page content is now completely data-driven. The actual "page" consists of 3 lines of code to link to the master page, add a divider graphic, and a placeholder that's filled based on the page name.

What's New

Not a lot new going on right now. Working on several computer projects, including updating my website (as you can see here.)

Last major thing was purchasing my new Ford Fusion - you can see more details and pics here.

In Closing...

For the normal skinny on what's going on in my life, head over to my weblog (links all over the place, but here's another one just in case.)